Milan's poshest shopping arcade.

The Duomo in Milan.

Hey look, more castles.

An interesting little town called Campo Lingure.

Houses in a village dwarfed by the freeway bridge.

Starting the climb up into the Lingurian Alps.

Very few amenities, but what a view.

Beautiful villages on the coast of Italy look a lot like beautiful villages on the coast of France.

Just another morning on the coast of France.

The road out of Nice had a great view of the Harbor.

Not much to write about today. Have a picture of Nice.

If you look throught the trees and the mist you can see the mountain in the background.

The view from my tent in the morning.

A little irrigation canal up in the hills around sunset.

The weather when it was nice.

Looking out of the windows of Carcassonne at the lower town.

Towers of the keep built in different styles.

Carcasonne's formidable front gates.

The inner keep of Carcassonne.

A view of the city of Carcassonne.