An old wooden bridge from the Road of Bones.

The Kolyma highways winding through the mountains.

How I am dressing these days.

A collapsed building in Razvilka.

Stark mountains, like a black and white photgraph.

Smoke from the power plant in Teply Klyuch.

An old bridge that used to carry the Road of Bones.

Some old train cars in Khandiga. There are no train tracks leading here though...

A statue by the river in Khandiga.

Crossing the Aldan river on the ice.

A beautiful sunset along the almost frozen Aldan river.

A simple old fence along the highway.

Radio towers in Russia.

Just a group of horses near the side of the highway.

An old wooden bridge next to the Road of Bones.

Leaving Yakutsk behind, heading along the Road of Bones to Magadan. Welsome to the start of Phase 2!

I have never traveled by hovercraft before.

A beautiful building in Yakutsk.

Yes, Lenin is still standing tall here as well.

A canal in Yakutsk with a strange underground building.