A bush plane in Brevig Mission. This is what allows transporation to these villages.

Eskimo dancing.

Looking out from the Brevig Lagoon.

The village of Teller.

What the locals call 10 Mile Cabin.

An old gold dredge in a small dry creek.

Sunset at mile 42.

A big moose near the Sinuk River.

Camping next to the road.

The sign equivilant of "You Gonna Die!"

A beautiful view of Magadan.

The Kolyma River with part of the old bridge across it.

A peek through the ice on a frozen river in Russia.

An old Russian power station.

The frozen land along the Kolyma Highway.

Empty buildings in Susuman.

The town of Kholodny.

Crumbling buildings in the town of Artyk.

The mountains surrounding the gold mine.

The mountains east of Ust-Nera.