A great pizza place.

The hills north of Unalakleet.

The ice out on Norton Bay.

Isaacs Point.

This is me rocking a sweet ice beard outside of Elim..

A beautiful mountain outside of Elim.

A great little shop in Golovin Bay.

The village of White Mountain.

A little cabin in the hills near Council.

This is where the Iditarod trail ends, or in my case begins.

An old gold dredge.

The little park at the center of Nome.

Here I am, looking dapper, at the fathest west point of Norht America.

An overhead view of the village of Wales.

The White Alice communication site near Tin City.

The Tin City mine with the radar station in the background.

Any empty beach on the Seward Peninsula.

Another set of cliffs jutting from the ocean.

Sunset over the Bering Sea.

A patchof clear blue sea ice with little ice crystals growing from it.