Snowing on the river.

A beautiful view down the Yukon river.

The trail here is starting to melt out.

Driftwood washed up on a sandbar.

The frozen Yukon river.

The Stick Dance ceremony.

The mountains near Kaltag.

Old Woman Cabin.

A view of the mountains along the Unalakleet river.

A great pizza place.

The hills north of Unalakleet.

The ice out on Norton Bay.

Isaacs Point.

This is me rocking a sweet ice beard outside of Elim..

A beautiful mountain outside of Elim.

A great little shop in Golovin Bay.

The village of White Mountain.

A little cabin in the hills near Council.

This is where the Iditarod trail ends, or in my case begins.

An old gold dredge.